The list of projects for the creation of manufacturing innovate products for the Ministry of Industry

OJSC “BELARUSIAN AUTOWORKS” Foundation of Specialized Joint Venture on production of railway and large-size castings Download
OJSC”MMP” Manufacture of high-precision, high-strength aluminium castings Download
JSC “MAZ” «Reconstruction of production of cabins for vehicles MAZ» Download
OJSC “Ekran” the creation of a competitive production of autocomponents of new generation of the OJSC “Ekran” 2011-2015 Download
OJSC “Rudensk” Developing and manufacture of reflectors and car headlights Download
JSC “VISTAN” Production of transmission boxes 320-1700010-06T,
JSC “MZOR” Making and production of heavy cutting machines with table width more than 2,5 m, 5-coordinate machining centers of JSC “MZOR” Download
OJSC «Orsha Tool Factory» To organize the production of modern metal-cutting tools, including modular, of high-speed steel and tungsten carbide. Download (part 1)
Download (part 2)
JSC “Borisov Plant of Aggregates” Modernization of current productions through the introduction of modern equipment and advanced technologies. Download
OJSC “IZMERITEL” Creation of specialized manufacture of import-substituting components for electronic control systems of hydraulic drives of mobile cars Download
RUE “Gomselmash” Modernization of production of the mechanical transmissions components for providing of the output of the grain- and forage harvesting agrycultural machinery

Technical re-equipment of preparing, galvanic, thermal, welding, painting productions for providing of the output of the grain- and forage harvesting agrycultural machinery RUE «Gomselmash»



OJSC “Mozyr machine-building plant” The organization of the production and selling of crawler tractors produced by JSC «Mozyr machine-building plant» in 2010-2017 Download
JSC “Minsk Bearing Plant” Project of technical development of roller-spherical bearings production for 2010-2020 Download
OJSC “Minsk Tractor Works” Purchase of automatic molding line for the production of pig iron castings with a complex of induction furnaces and mixture preparation machinery for Foundry shop-1 Download
OJSC “MINSK MOTOR PLANT” Development and start of manufacture of small capacity diesel engines with the output of 75hp Download
JSC “Osipovichi Automobile Units Plant» Mastering the production of driver’s seat for cars, buses, tractors, combines capacity of 120 thousand units. per year, including 60 000 for passenger cars Download
OJSC «Ekran» Creation of production intelligent control systems of aggregates of vehicles the ecological class Euro-5, Euro-6 and the development of item range of electric equipment in the period 2016-2020 Download
OJSC “Byelorussian Steel Works” Modernization of electric-steel production using energy-saving technologies Download
JSC Belcard JSC Belcard Technical modernization in 2015-2019 Download
Joint-stock company “BATE” The production of heat-exchangers with the «Nocolok®» technology in the Republic of Belarus Download
JSC “Shchuchin plant “Avtoprovod” Development of the manufacture in order to develop new types of cable products Download

OGSC ‘Byelorussian Steel Works’ Establishing of the mining-and-processing integrated works to produce iron-rich pellets at the Okolovsk iron ore deposits
Download general information (162kb)
Belcard Starting the production of cardan shafts for cars equipped
with the joints of equal angular velocity and driveshafts
OJSC “BelTAPAZ” Development of OJSC “BelTAPAZ” for 2011- 2015 within the bounds of
“Comprehensive Development Program Machine Building industry in the Republic
of Belarus”
Download general information (1.3Mb)
OJSC plant “VIZAS” Organization of the lot production of angle drives.

Download general information (1.0Mb)

OJSC “Gomel Plant of Starting Engines named after P.K. Ponomarenko” Modernization of the electrode production

Technical re-equipment of OJSC “GPSE”

Download general information (1.4Mb)

OJSC “Gomel Foundry “Centrolit” Modernization of production capacities of OJSC “Gomel Foundry “Centrolit”
corresponding to the plan of modernization for 2011-2015

Download general information (1.2Mb)
OJSC “Izmeritel” Expansion of capacities on a batch production of import-substituting goods. Creation of new manufacture.
Download general information (1.0Mb)
JSC “Integral” Construction of a factory on assembly of color Liquid Crystal Display Panels
Download general information (0.7Mb)
OJSC “MAZ” Foundry Modernization of OJSC “MAZ” (first stage)

Development of cabin production for new generation “MAZ” vehicle

Download general information (0.7Mb)

OJSC “Minsk Motor Plant” Manufacture of 4- and 6-cylinder diesel engines within the engine power range between 80 hp and 350 hp conforming to Euro 4/5/6 ecological standards

Download general information (0.7Mb)

OJSC “Mogilev Plant “Electric Motor” Making of the production of energy saving motors corresponding to the requires of European standards

Production modernization with the purpose of range expansion and volume increase of specialized motors and motors of small lot

Download general information (9.2Mb)

Download presentation (5Mb)

OJSC “Minsk Bearing Plant” Technical development of spherical roller bearings production on 2010-2020 year.

Download general information (1.3Mb)

OJSC “StankoGomel” Creation of production of wide range of machining centers
Download general information (0.9Mb)
OJSC “Machine-Tool Plant “Krasny Borets” Modernization of current production

Download general information (1.8Mb)

UE “Minsk Automatic Lines Plant” Technical re-equipment of the enterprise in order to diversify production and increase production volumes.

Download general information (0.9Mb)

OJSC “MZOR” Making and production of heavy cutting machines with table width more than 2,5 m, 5-coordinate machining centers of OJSC “MZOR”

Download general information (1.7Mb)

RUE “Gomel Plant of Special Tools and Industrial Equipment” Making of production of metal cutter with mechanical bonding of changeable disposable hard-alloy plates

Making of production of solid axial hard-alloy tool with possibility of following regrinding after deterioration of cutting part

Download general information (9.5Mb)

RUE “Gomselmas” Production modernization of the components of mechanical transmissions to manufacture agricultural harvesting and forage harvesting machinery

Technical re-equipment of stored, galvanic, thermal, welding, paint production to supply the release of agricultural harvesting and forage harvesting

Download general information (9.5Mb)

RUE “Mogilevliftmash” Creation of a competitive capable manufacturing for the elevators of a new generation.
Download general information (1.2Mb)
RUE “MTW” Creation of new productions and modernization of operating productions of RUE “MTW” in 2009-2015.
Download general information (0.6Mb)

General Provisions on Foreign Investments on the Territory of the Republic of Belarus


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