A. Project Opportunity Description
A1. Project Name:
Establishing of the mining-and-processing integrated works to produce iron-rich pellets at the Okolovsk iron ore deposits
a1. Short name:
Industrial development of Okolovsk iron ore deposits
a2. Full name:
Establishing of the mining-and-processing integrated works to produce iron-rich pellets at the Okolovsk iron ore deposits
a2. Summary description:
Implementation of the project provides for the construction of the integrated works composed of four organisational units: mine, dressing plant with tail facilities, pellet plant and firing of iron ore pellets, metal coating mill. The implementation of the project can provide for other technologies as well. Each production unit provides for the construction of the required infrastructure, ensuring transport logistics, energy sources and utilities supply, maintenance and repair of the equipment, etc.
A2. Progress Status:
1. The feasibility study to calculate iron ore reserves in the Okolovsk iron ore deposits in the Republic of Belarus has been developed.
2. The project ‘Development of Okolovsk iron ore deposit in the Republic of Belarus’ has been developed.
A3. Organizations involved and their roles:
1. Foreign partner – investor.
2. Ministry of natural resources and environment protection in the Republic of Belarus - originator and coordinator of the project
3. Ministry of Industry in the Republic of Belarus , OGSC ‘Byelorussian Steel Works’ - customer
A4. Project Description (approach, objectives, components, outputs, phases, duration, total financing, benefits transition impact, etc):
Okolovsk ferruginous quartzite deposit is located in the central part of Stolbtsy district in Minsk region, 19 km north from Stolbtsy railway station, between villages Shashkovschina and Okolovo in Stolbtsy district Minsk region.
Straight distance from the village of Okolovo to gas distribution point Zayamnoe OJSC ‘Beltransgaz’ – 16 km, to the nearest substation with output voltage 110 kV – 20 km.
In order to appraise the possibility for industrial development of Okolovsk iron ore deposit and to establish mining-and-processing integrated works to produce magnetite concentrate and iron-rich pellets on its base, detailed iron ore deposit exploration has been done.
11 sheet-like ore bodies from 5 to 63 m thickness lieing as deep as 150-360 m have been discovered.
Iron ore reserves in Okolovsk deposit industrial– 145,4 mln. t of ore, average content of magnetite iron in ore– 15,44%, total iron – 25,52%.
Technological properties of ores are studied in laboratories by Belgorod scientific research institute for ore dressing and pelletization of ferrous metal ores (Close Joint-Stock Company «Belmehanobr», Belgorod, Russia).
According to the technological assessment of this institute ferruginous quartzite in the Okolovsk deposit are categorized as easily crushed and free-milling ore. As per the scheme of three phase crashing up to the final size 81-85% class - 0,045 mm top-quality concentrates were obtained with iron content 70,3-70,7% and 1,3-1,7% of earth silicon. As per qualitative parameters the concentrate completely meets the requirements called for iron ore materials for metal coating. In terms of earth silicon content it keeps the level of the best analogs worldwide and it substantially increases its metallurgical value.
Mining-and-geological and mining conditions of the deposit predetermine underground method of development.
A4а. Project total cost (USD mln):
Approximately 1800
A5. Background/ history/ overall program/ related or similar projects:
The provision of the metallurgical production with its own raw materials is considered to be the issue of the strategic security. One of the strategic solutions to solve the problem of the provision of the domestic metallurgy with raw materials is the development of own iron ore deposits and the production of iron-rich pellets with utilization of environmental friendly technologies of DRI.
Related or similar project are missing in the Republic of Belarus.
A6. Environmental impact summary:
Impact on land and water resources. Dumping. Considerable volume of water discharge.
A7. Possible obstacles/ problems/ risk assessment:
Closeness of water-bearing horizon.
A8. Project implementation period / payback period (years):
Project implementation period – up to 5 years.
Payback period is determined by the level of applicable technologies.
A9. Industry:
Metallurgical production
B. Capital Cost Items (total investments for the project) approximately:
B1. Physical components: B2. Capital investment (USD mln):
Construction of integrated plant 470
Construction of dressing plant and pelletizing plant 450
Construction of metal coating mill 130
External infrastructure 300
Total 1350
B3. Sub-projects by location: B4. Project cost (USD mln):
No -
C. Capital Resources Available from projecr originators (owners, joint parties, sponsors):
C1. Тype of sourses (grants, investments, share participation / property, etc): C2. amount (USD mln):
Direct investments
D. Required investments, shortfall:
D1. Required financing, required type of financial participation:
Financing by a strategic investor
D2. Sources of finance: D3. Type of financial instrument: D4. Amount (USD mln):
Means of a foreign investor Direct foreign investments Approximately 1800
D5. Financial institutions involved in project implementation:
As of 01.01.2012 no work with finance institutions
E. Demand (consumers) and income:
E1. Type of consumers, volumes, pricing, income, quantifiable benefits/ savings:
Consumers: steel plant in the Republic of Belarus (OGSC «Byelorussian Steel Works»)
Export supply
E2. Sources of financing: EЗ. Income (sales) (USD mln):
Determined by an investor
F. Operating and Maintenance Costs:
F1. Cost components, amortization policy, work organization, etc:
An investor determines amortization policy by himself as well as organization of production
F2. Cost Item: F3. Amount (USD mln):
Manufacturing costs (per year) Metermined by an investor
G. Net Income Value:
G1. Net Income Value: G2. Amount (USD mln):
net income Determined by the level of applicable technologies
H. Project information source:
H1. This form was completed by:
Shappo Vladimir Minovich – head of metallurgy department and tool-making industry in the Ministry of Industry
H2. Organization (address):
The Ministry of Industry in the Republic of Belarus, Minsk. Partizanski pr.,2. corp.4
HЗ. Tel./ Fax/ E-mail:
Tel.+375-17-330-05-34; fax +375-172891885;e-mail: metal@minprom.gov.by
H4. Date:
H5. Supreme organization:
The Ministry of Industry in the Republic of Belarus